Asparagus (finally…)

I’ve been looking carefully at the empty bed that we have devoted solely to asparagus and wondering if the whole patch met a mysterious subterranean demise over the winter. But just yesterday, I finally saw the first signs of life from them – two purple heads poking up through the ground. Now at least I can breathe easy and assume that the rest will soon follow.

Signs of life returning to the garden in the form of the first asparagus to emerge from winter's deep slumber.

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Countertop Gardening

A couple things happen to be alive on our counter these days:

– Carrie bought us these cacti from IKEA (I think as a housewarming gift) and surprise of surprises, they’re not dead. In fact, one is blooming a flower.

– Alicia found a sweet ’70s seed sprouting kit, and so we’re getting our health on and making sprouts. It works a lot better than the mason jar with a screen on the bottom that we tried last year.

– Trader Joe’s sells the most stunning basil plants for $3. So there is one sitting on the counter… it’s getting a little wilty and I’ve been watering it really well, so I don’t know what’s going on. But it’s looking a lot better than the waterlogged yellow basil we have going outside.

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