The Great Garlic Harvest

Last October we put some cloves of garlic in the ground and wondered what would happen. They sprouted, endured a massive winter storm, and made it to July, which was my harvest date (that’s what I remember reading in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, anyway.) Alicia was dying to pull it out of the ground, so I finally relented and let her dig it all up. It was pretty amazing… tons of huge heads of garlic; each one grown from a single clove put in the ground 8 months ago.

Like any good farmer’s wife, Alicia decided the next thing to do was braid them together, so now we’ve got enough garlic to last us through the year, looking like a million bucks. Plus, not to get too Ominvore’s Dilemma on you, but a recent pack of garlic we bought was grown in China. Really? This batch should get us through the year, I’d imagine, hopefully with enough to plant next year’s in the fall.

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The long wait in the long winter

Our fall crop of garlic was well-established, so back in February I decided to do a second planting of garlic, and I thought I’d try some shallots too. There were a few funny plants in the back yard when we moved in that seemed to keep coming back, and I dug them up, and one turned out to be a garlic plant. So I bought a couple heads of garlic and some shallots at Madison Market, and I also planted the volunteer garlic cloves. The volunteer garlic came up immediately and began to grow leaves. However, it took almost two months for the store-bought ones to sprout, but they have finally started coming up.

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The garlic is coming in

Under a month ago we put garlic in the ground, and it is just peeking up. It is pretty amazing — all 32 cloves are now little sprouts peeking out of the ground. Some are up to an inch or two high while others are just pushing through.

Garlic shoots coming up after a few weeks in the ground. Hopefully it's not too early -- I don't know how they'll do with the frost.

Garlic shoots coming up after a few weeks in the ground. Hopefully it

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