Here’s how it all came out…

Turkey breast chunks and rillettes packed for storage.

From that turkey I ended up making:

1. A brined roasted turkey breast for dinner

2. A jar of confited turkey breast chunks to use in meals

3. Two confited turkey legs

4. Four servings of turkey rillettes packed in glasses and topped with fat

5. Three quarts of turkey stock

Pretty good weekends’ work. I’m tired of doing dishes, but loving all this delicious meat stored up for the next few weeks.

Confited turkey legs wrapped and ready to freeze.

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Of turkey and its many uses

Jared sent me a link to these people confiting turkey earlier this fall, and it’s been in my mind. We haven’t hosted Thanksgiving for awhile, so I don’t get much turkey beyond what I shovel on my plate on Thanksgiving day, so this year I decided to buy one to cook after the holiday. I finally had a free morning (and the kids had their Saturday morning cartoons) so I got busy messing up the kitchen.

I butchered the turkey and am separated it into two groups: the legs/thighs, the wings, and one breast were rubbed with salt, thyme, parsley, sage, smoked paprika, and garlic, and put on a rack in the refrigerator to cure until tomorrow. The remainder – the rest of the carcass, the neck, and one of the breasts went into a brine. I’ll roast the brined breast for dinner tonight, and the rest will soak in the brine overnight.

Turkey parts coated with salt and seasonings, ready to cure overnight.

I just finished designing a cookbook for Lark restaurant (which I’m very excited about – book review coming soon). I think Alicia is going to be relatively irritated as I try to cook from the book… almost everything is complicated, and most certainly a lot of dishes are dirtied. But I hatched a plan based on the Tete de cochon and Pork rillettes recipes from the book: I am going to cook the carcass and neck gently in water and pull off the meat a la the pig’s head, plus pull off the meat from the wings that will be confited (slow-cooked in fat) to make turkey rillettes (shredded meat packed in jars). The legs/thighs and one of the breasts will also be confited and those will be stored in the fridge packed in fat to pull out and use in meals for the next month or so.

At least that’s the plan. I’ll keep you updated on how it turns out.

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