Clearance Bin Rain Gauge

I always cruise the clearance bins of whatever stores I happen to be in… you have to know which dark back hallway leading to a break room they stick it in at most grocery stores, and the selection is usually just a dented can of peas and carrots and a whole box of some dubious-sounding product that didn’t fly off the shelves the way the marketing department had hoped (Ginger-Mango Habañero Ketchup! Vegan Mayonnaise!)

Lowes is clearing out the stuff that didn’t sell very well this year, and one thing they had that I fell for was a rain gauge. It was only 98 cents, and ever since I’ve installed it the kids have been obsessed with checking how much it rains. It’s frozen right now, so I’m assuming it’s expanded a little past the actual rain we’ve had, but it’s been at least an inch and a half over the last week or so. We’ve had a wet winter (hence a flooded basement a month or so ago), so now at least we can track exactly how much water is falling. I think we’ll empty it every month, and maybe make a little chart. Teach those kids the scientific method, you know?

Our new $0.98 rain gauge from Lowes.

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