Bean Season

The garden is in pretty rough shape this year, having been ignored for 3 weeks while we travelled and not getting enough water in general. But the beans are soldiering on, so much so that we got to can some pickled beans.


Lazy on the vine — these ones will be ready in a couple days.


Ready to process.


Spicy beans with red chili flakes added.


Picked and Pickled Beans

We’ve had good luck in the last couple years putting some beans in a little late in the season (maybe June-ish) and having them do really well. So usually when the peas are starting to peter out, I start thinking beans. This year was no different, and though they were growing really well I wasn’t paying close attention to them.



I stuck my head in the bean-pole the other day and realized we had a ton of beans just on the verge of getting too big and turning mealy, so I started picking, and pretty soon I had to go get a bigger box to fill. I ended up with a really good harvest of beans, maybe 8 or 10 pounds, so pickled beans were called for. My grandma Jackie made them and I still remember loving them, still a little crispy, straight from the jar.

Alicia got to work today and canned up 20 pints (one cracked during processing so we ended up with 19). Pretty impressive for a totally home-spun canning operation, since we didn’t make it to Yakima this year. Now to figure out what to do with all these plums…

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Can it be?

More canning… I really don’t know how this all fits in with everything being so busy these days. We brought back a box of beans from Yakima and pickled them. My grandma made these and I loved them as a kid, both the regular dill ones, and the spicy ones with red pepper flakes in the bottom. My mouth is watering just thinking about them now.

I’ve been doing a little bit of design work for Panacea, an awesome dinner delivery service here in Seattle. I am all for getting paid in food, especially when it’s this tasty. They did house-roasted beef sandwiches earlier this summer, and it came with a really good Tomato Jam, with big slices of ginger in there. I used the leftovers on egg sandwiches, a burger, and shamefully, straight from the spoon. So I took a shot at approximating it with the Tomato Preserves recipe in my trusty Ball Home Preserving bible. It’s close enough and will have to do… until I can get them to pass along the secret recipe.

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