And the first crop is… cilantro

Apparently the cilantro that we let turn into coriander (cilantro seeds) last summer took advantage of a long winter in the ground and has leapt out as our first crop of the year. We had a cilantro sauce with some Peruvian chicken awhile back that was unforgettable, and I found a comparable recipe on a blog that makes me feel less bad about the infrequency of my own posts. Cilantro (stems and all), lime, jalepeño, olive oil and garlic. Pair it with the infallible carnitas from Homesick Texan on a freshly grilled corn tortilla and life is good.


The cilantro patch gone wild.


Chopped and ready for the food processor.


The final sauce. 15 minutes later this bowl was 90% empty.


Eat them in the yard or drip all over your shirt, dude.


Five Fruits and (is an Avocado) a Vegetable?

Dispatches from Paradise Volume 2

Being in Hawaii, there is all kinds of fresh, tropical fruit available anywhere you look. Starting with the back yard, but also extending to roadside fruit stands, farmers’ markets, and even tables out in front of people’s houses. The latter type is my favorite… they are unmanned, the goods are usually really cheap, and there’s a lock-box of some type to put your money into.

Below are a few of the fruits we’ve had here:
• White Guava (mild flavor, the seeds were really hard but a pain to spit out so I just swallowed them)
• The tangerines from the tree at the house where we’re staying
• Ice Cream Bananas (apparently you freeze them and then cut them open and eat like ice cream… it tasted like a frozen banana to us though)
• Don’t know what this is… we’ve been calling it an Ugly Fruit. It was only $1 (you can see the price written on it). We haven’t tried it yet but it smells good, which is a good sign.
• These are gigantic avocados. Still waiting for them to get soft.
• A hat-full of lemons and limes… 25 cents each

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