Picked and Pickled Beans

We’ve had good luck in the last couple years putting some beans in a little late in the season (maybe June-ish) and having them do really well. So usually when the peas are starting to peter out, I start thinking beans. This year was no different, and though they were growing really well I wasn’t paying close attention to them.



I stuck my head in the bean-pole the other day and realized we had a ton of beans just on the verge of getting too big and turning mealy, so I started picking, and pretty soon I had to go get a bigger box to fill. I ended up with a really good harvest of beans, maybe 8 or 10 pounds, so pickled beans were called for. My grandma Jackie made them and I still remember loving them, still a little crispy, straight from the jar.

Alicia got to work today and canned up 20 pints (one cracked during processing so we ended up with 19). Pretty impressive for a totally home-spun canning operation, since we didn’t make it to Yakima this year. Now to figure out what to do with all these plums…

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The first egg!

Does anyone notice anything funny in this picture of the chickens? On the ground? Yep, I did a double-take too when I got them their food this morning. Who lays an egg on the ground and then walks away? It’s been awhile since we got our chickens, and we are finally going to start getting some eggs from them. Needless to say, we are very excited.

When we showed it to Hannah, she insisted that eggs didn’t come from chickens, they came from the store. So her first chore is going to be Egg-Hunting, so she can get that straightened out in her head right away.

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