The princess and her eggs

We’ve been working hard keeping the weeds at bay and getting the garden going this spring, but apparently neglecting the egg collecting. I just gathered what I can only assume is a new record — 26 eggs. Must have been a pretty uncomfortable pile for our setting hen to be trying to keep warm.



Oh, you guys are back to laying eggs?

14 eggs in the coop today. Guess I haven't checked in awhile. I think that's called a Lazy Farmer's Dozen.

14 eggs in the coop today. Guess I haven’t checked in awhile. I think that’s called a Lazy Farmer’s Dozen.

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Chicken Coop Upgrade

We have had chicks in the basement in a box that fit them just fine when we first got them, but they’ve grown quite a bit in the last month. They’ve got plenty of feathers now, so it was time to put them outside (plus, our basement was starting to smell like a barn). In order to make the transition, I had to build a new house for them inside the coop. It could use a coat of paint, and come spring it will need a few nesting boxes, but it’s a big improvement over the last one.

After a day out in the new coop, I will say that the concept of ramps is a pretty complicated one for a chicken brain to wrap itself around. Or maybe they just like to stay close to the heat lamp. Hopefully, they’ll figure it out soon and learn how to scratch around for worms. Either way, Bob Dylan is happy for the company out there.


Eggs turning up in odd places

A couple weeks ago, Hannah found an egg in the bag of cedar shavings that we keep on the back porch for the rabbit’s cage. We kind of laughed about it and thought it was a good thing she found it in a timely manner. Since then, we’ve found a couple more in there, and today we caught the chicken in the act. Apparently when I let them out to roam in the yard, she much prefers the bag of bedding to the normal nesting box for egg-laying. Maybe it’s a message that I should clean it out more often, or that she prefers the wood shavings to straw. (Though last summer we did find a couple eggs laid on the straw bale in the shed, so I think it might just be fun to have a change of scenery every once in awhile.)


The Chickens are Laying Again!

Alicia texted me this morning while I was out saying “2 eggs in the coop today”, which is exciting because they haven’t laid since October or so. Maybe it was that huge full moon last night. When I got home Robbie and I went out to collect the bounty and pose for this picture. By that time there was a third egg, so spring has officially arrived.

(Note: Right after snapping this photo, Robbie decided to drop the eggs on the ground, and one broke, so we’re back down to 2 eggs.)

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