Caught in the middle of wanting to have a farm in the middle of nowhere, and wanting to be able to walk to the grocery store and the coffee shop, we consider ourselves the luckiest people on earth to get to do both. Alicia says it best: “We like to pretend we’re farmers.” This site chronicles our adventures in gardening, canning, chickens, and all things agrarian, all with a view of downtown Seattle from the shade of the plum tree in our front yard.

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  • Hi. Wonderful blog! So often when I discover a new like-minded blog, I realize the bloggers are fellow/sister Seattle-ites. We’re in West Seattle: http://www.thetanglednest.com. Happy gardening, chickening, blogging, and all thing spring.

    Comment | May 15, 2009
  • Just found you through a mention in the recent Chinook Book. Anxious to read more. Sooo sorry about your chickens!

    Comment | December 25, 2009

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