Giving up the fight

I am done with yellow squash.  In the last three weeks I have made
Squash pancakes
Squash muffins
Squash cookies
Squash quick bread
Squash risotto
Stuffed squash
Squash chips
Squash fritters
Squash sandwiches
BBQ’d squash
Grilled squash

Basically almost every meal has had  squash component and I don’t particularly like yellow squash.  I am declaring myself done with squash for awhile.  I have started handing out squash to any and all visitors to our house.  Yesterday a friend left town for a week and gave us the rest of their only lightly used CSA box.  Wouldn’t you know … there was plenty of yellow squash in it.

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  • Chelsea

    Donate what you have left to the food bank! Local food banks are always happy to receive donations of fresh food. Also, it means people will be genuinely happy to have fresh squash!

    Comment | September 5, 2011
  • Melissa

    I wish you lived near me, I didn’t get any squash thanks to the Georgia heat and drought!

    Comment | September 23, 2011
  • Feeling squashed? Before donating your extra harvest, be sure to call ahead to make sure the organization receiving your squash accepts and can process perishable foods. If a food pantry isn’t set up to handle fresh produce (which includes meeting regulations similar to those in restaurants) they can’t do anything with your squash. A regional food bank can probably direct you to a program that will benefit the most from a donation of fresh produce.

    Comment | December 15, 2011

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