Of raspberries and morning glory and… kittens

I went outside last night to take a look at how the garden was doing, and I noticed a funny leaf in with the raspberries. We’ve been battling morning glory in the yard forever, and it keeps popping up everywhere, especially in quiet neglected corners. I started to follow the vine down to the bottom of the raspberry thicket (which really it an applicable word; it’s a jungle in there) when I heard a little hiss and saw a black and white ball of fur. Hanging out in a raised bed of raspberries was a little kitten, probably just a couple weeks old. Apparently leaving your baby in a raspberry patch is the cat equivalent of floating your baby down a river in a reed basket.

Free Kitten. Loves to garden.

This was not entirely a surprise. There were kittens born under our porch last year that we tried to lure out (without any luck) and now they are roaming the neighborhood with their feral mother. They don’t really belong to anyone, though the neighbor lady feeds them, and at one point tried to tell us that when we bought the house, the cat came with it (which we ignored).

Until now. Baby cats are invading our shores. The onslaught must be stopped. So if you want an adorable cat, let us know. Before Hannah informs us that this foster placement has moved to adoption (

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  • Somehow I think you know, deep down, that it is already too late for you. Congratulations! You have a new baby. And what a cutie!

    Comment | May 26, 2011

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