Make these tonight, thank yourself in the morning

I know in some circles I’m the last train to leave this station, but I recently ran into the blog Orangette. Fabulous photos, the perfect tone with the writing. (Which is why it’s super well-known, and she’s written an even more awesome book that I read half of last night, and why I’m kind of beating a dead horse here.) But to the point… I ran into a recipe for overnight yeasted waffles. A couple posts back I wasn’t necessarily blown away by the cheese I made… it was as it should be, at least, but nothing beyond that. Not so with these waffles. They were unlike anything I’ve ever had; in a normal waffle maker (not a Belgian one) they crisp up and almost entirely and dissolve in your mouth. And the kids cleaned their plates at breakfast, which has not been a pattern of late.

They may not be for everyone – Alicia prefers a cakier waffle and thought these were more like a croissant than a waffle, but said they were good (in that way that meant “good for you to make for you and the kids when I am not at home”). And I am thinking that they would be good with sourdough starter instead of regular yeast (Zack, can I have some more? I killed the last batch.) But seriously, try these, you won’t regret it.


Marion Cunningham's Raised Waffles via Orangette with blueberry syrup from last summer.


  • Zack

    Yes indeed. (I can give some tips on keeping it alive and well with little work). On your cheese, consider it paneer and then you will be happy! Fry it up a bit, get some nettles and do this-

    Sorry to miss the barleys…flu city up in my world.

    Comment | March 16, 2011
  • dan

    Are nettles in season yet? Looks really good.

    Comment | March 16, 2011
  • Zack

    Yes indeed i have picked a couple rounds already!

    Comment | March 18, 2011

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