Disaster on the back porch – Wind a top suspect

Turns out maybe that little portable greenhouse I started some seeds in was maybe a little too portable. We’ll see what can be salvaged. Hannah was morose about the situation: “I guess I’ll have to plant my chives again.”


  • Mom

    Bummer. Hannah was so excited about those chives. If you need I can bring a start for you to tuck into her pot…

    Comment | March 11, 2011
  • Yep. I have the same one. It’s like a box kite, even when it’s zipped closed. I keep 6 or 8 bricks on the bottom two shelves of mine. Or at least I did until the fabric around the zipper degraded after one year in the sun. I just use it for shelves now.

    Comment | March 12, 2011
  • dan

    I got it secured to a post on the back porch and put some bricks on the bottom shelf too. Hopefully that will hold it.

    Comment | March 29, 2011

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