Countertop Gardening

A couple things happen to be alive on our counter these days:

– Carrie bought us these cacti from IKEA (I think as a housewarming gift) and surprise of surprises, they’re not dead. In fact, one is blooming a flower.

– Alicia found a sweet ’70s seed sprouting kit, and so we’re getting our health on and making sprouts. It works a lot better than the mason jar with a screen on the bottom that we tried last year.

– Trader Joe’s sells the most stunning basil plants for $3. So there is one sitting on the counter… it’s getting a little wilty and I’ve been watering it really well, so I don’t know what’s going on. But it’s looking a lot better than the waterlogged yellow basil we have going outside.

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  • Paula

    One of my housemates just landed upon a 70’s sprouting kit as well! The manual is my favorite part. There’s an illustration that basically looks like they sliced “sprout patties” from the bottom of the tube. It’s pretty hilarious!

    Comment | June 1, 2010
  • rowen

    basil doesn’t like the hot, dry air of inside as a general rule. it also likes really well drained soil. it might be happier if you repot it in half sand/half good soil with a bit of compost and put it in a window with full sun that you tend to leave cracked open. i’ve also found that when you’re harvesting, the plant doesn’t pout as much, and will actually get bushier, if you snip at a joint just barely above a set of tiny new leaves. i’ve never had much luck keeping basil inside to be honest but it seems to do fine outside, even in vancouver.
    what do those sprouting sets include? i’m wondering if i can makeshift one if i can’t find a kit. it’s so wasteful to buy a big container of alfalfa sprouts when i only want 2 sandwiches worth at a time

    Comment | October 1, 2010
  • dan

    The sprouting set is just a dish with a mesh bottom so the water can drain out. There is a second bowl underneath to collect the water as it drains. You don’t want to soak the seeds, but you do want to keep them moist, so I think you’re supposed to water the seeds every day.

    Comment | October 1, 2010

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