Seed Saving

Last year we let a few of our plants keep on growing until they went to seed, and then saved them. They sat in boxed and old planting buckets for a few months, until one recent snowy day when I needed a project. I went through and pulled off the seeds, and I think they look pretty good. We have peas, beans, spinach, swiss chard, sunflowers, lupines, tomatoes, green peppers, anaheim peppers, and some volunteer leeks that showed up in the corner of the yard. I think that’s it.

We can’t tell apart the anaheim peppers and the green peppers, so that will be a surprise as to what we’re getting there. Alicia is sure that none of them will in fact grow, so we’ll just have to see. It will be time to start the seeds inside in the next couple months. In the meantime, if anyone wants swiss chard seeds, let me know.

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